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Discover cooking fun for the
ENTIRE family.
 Easy kid friendly recipes to get kids off the couch, away from the TV,
and into the kitchen with you.

Create hours of fun and family memories
that you and your kids will NEVER forget.

Dear Parents of Future Chefs,

  • If I told you that your picky eaters could become good cooks and learn to love all kinds of food that they've prepared themselves, would you believe me? 

  • If I said that you and your kids could have a fun time in the kitchen while they learn important life skills, would you ask how?

  • What if you could have a night off from cooking but not spend your hard earned money on take out, would you say, "Sign me up!"?

You may be like me, a busy mom, who's grown tired of picky eaters, bored kids, and fast food. Now there's a way to solve these problems;
please let me explain...

My kids were 8 and 10 when I realized that they really didn't know how to cook and I was doing it all. This was no good! I was either wearing myself out making hurried and boring meals that they were tired of, or we were ordering delivery pizza and doing fast food. Plus, my kids weren't learning an important skill to help them through life. 

It was time to get serious about cooking
yet have a good time with it!

I searched high and low and couldn't find many recipes geared towards these in-between years, so I decided to start this Cookin' Kids website with easy kid friendly recipes and fun ideas.

Cookin' Kids has been going strong since 2003! No more kids staring into the fridge and whining about nothing to eat. No more bored kids with nothing to do. No more empty cookie jar. :)


Here's a bit about what you'll find on this website...

Easy Kids Recipes

Naturally, to get your kids cooking, you want easy kids recipes that are interesting; recipes that kids want to try.  I hear you and I'm happy to deliver, with the help of readers like you who have sent in their favorite easy kids recipes.


Cookin' Kids ebook

Kids can explore cooking with 6 different themes...

    Great Mexican Food Easy Kid Friendly Recipes
    The American Diner
    Russian Cooking - who knew?
    Hip on Hawaii!
    Native American Dishes
    Picnics To Go!

The following fun and informative sections are in each theme...

    Introduction of the theme
    Cooking terminology
    8 or 9 recipes including readers' recipes
    Fun facts
    A game
    Safety tips
    Silly clipart
    Suggested books and websites for further learning

    Click here for more information.


Kids Jokes

LOL! We've got some good kids jokes on these pages! Kids can send in their favorite jokes or just enjoy ours.


Cookin' Kids Blog

Another place to play, and give kids cooking information, kids cookbook reviews, easy kids recipes, kids jokes and more. This is where you can leave comments and interact with Cookin' Kids whenever you want. And whether you're an adult or child, you can send us your favorite recipes!


Kids Cookbooks

Kids Cookbooks is a new section where I showcase the best chidrens cookbooks and even write some reviews.


Cooking Definitions and Safety Tips

Kids can find out what terms from the cookbooks mean when they look them up here in cooking definitions. Plus, there are many safety tips that beginning cooks might not know.


Articles on Kids and Cooking

Here's a whole slew of articles I've written about kids and cooking and so on. Some are funny, others are very informative. Check back from time to time for new articles or sign up to be notified when I've written some more.

Cook up some wonderful Family Holiday Memories with my ebook by the same name. Get yours now and watch your holiday season become more fun, meaningful, and memorable!  


Cookin' Kids
has been providing easy kid friendly recipes for 8 years!  We've gone through some changes from a snail mail newsletter to a digital ebook, but we're still going strong.  I think that says something.  I'm thankful to all who have written and sent recipes!

Happy Cookin' Adventures,


P.S.  I never get tired of hearing the stories of your children in the kitchen.  I love hearing about how your child's confidence has grown, how they're better organized, and how their natural creativity has given flight in the kitchen.  Thanks for sharing... and have fun with it!   

P.P.S. Don't you always feel good when your kids learn something new? Well, seeing your kids master these recipes in the kitchen with you will give you that same feeling.





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